Why Magnetic Flooring?

Intelli-Force Magnetix flooring powered by IOBAC, was developed to save time during every stage of the floor’s life. In fact, on the second installation the system can reduce your flooring installation time by up to 80% if moisture mitigation is called for and renovatons could be completed even quicker.

Intelli-Force Magnetix,
powered by IOBAC
  • The intelli-force magnetix flooring System can be installed over existing sound and level flooring meaning there is no need to remove the old floor.
  • The intelli-force magnetix flooring system can be installed over damp subfloors up to 98% RH meaning there is no need to install a moisture mitigation system (Up to 98% RH) saving significant time and money.
  • The intelli-force magnetix flooring resin can be walked on, depending on humidity, in an average of just 60 minutes after it has been installed.
  • Such a fast curing resin means the tiles can be dry laid and walked on after only an hour.
  • Once the intelli-force magnetix flooring has been installed you will not need to reinstall the resin. The magnetically receptive resin remains on the floor while providing the flexibility to change the magnetic top floor covering easily, quickly and cleanly.
  • The flexible nature of the intelli-force magnetix flooring system offers opportunities and benefits that no other flooring system can match. Intelli-force magnetix flooring will not only save you money but can generate revenue for your business while keeping your stores open for longer
  • Easily enhance retail space with franchise or promotional areas & directional signage with in-floor advertising – the flexibility of the intelli-force magnetix flooring system allows promotional or franchise areas to be installed in seconds without any additional flooring preparation. You can sell your floor space to suppliers to make the floor pay for itself.
  • Complete flexibility to change your flooring whenever you want. Intelli-force magnetix flooring uses no adhesive so magnetism provides contractors with ultimate creativity and flexibility to design flooring that is limited only by the imagination of the installer, store planner and designer.
  • The resin is solvent free and odorless so during installation the intelli-force magnetix flooring resin is of no harm to customers. Once installed the top floor covering can be easily lifted and removed with no need to damage, repair or prepare the subfloor.
  • Brands can now use the floor as a fully flexible, full-color and easy to change, advertising medium. The intelli-force magnetix flooring magnetized tiles can be printed directly onto in high resolution and protected with a robust wear layer. Advertising promotions can be run on a regular or seasonal basis.