Intelli-force magnetix™ Kwikrez VC 300+


Kwikrez VC 300+ is a unique coating that is made of certain magnetically receptive constituent materials. As a magnetically receptive primer, Kwikrez VC 300+ can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. A wide variety of magnetic flooring and wallcoverings is available using this primer for adhesion to the substrate in lieu of adhesive systems.

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Features and benefits
  • Simple, easy application. Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • Quick cure properties. 30 minutes to touch, cured in 60 minutes
  • Easy recoat
  • Saves labor hours and time in construction and remodeling schedules
  • Lowers costs for building owners, managers and end users over standard systems
  • Apply to most substrates including Concrete, Cementitious underlayments, Gypsum toppings, Drywall, Masonry, Wood, and Plastic
  • Can be used for both vertical and horizontal installations
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Provides excellent magnetically receptive surface for application of magnetic flooring, wall components, and wallcoverings
  • Provides flexibility for exchanging finishes on floors and walls without the dust, repairs and noise related to standard replacements
  • Can be used to isolate existing asbestos flooring products offering huge cost savings and virtually eliminating the disruption of standard abatement methods
  • Can be finish coated with any standard wall paint


95 – 100 KU


16.8 lbs./gal.

Solids (wt. %):      

71.0 formulated

Solids (Vol. %)     




Wet Mils:        

9.0 – 11.0 mils

Dry Mils:                       

2.5 to 3.1 mils

Flash Point: 

> 200° F

Shelf Life:     

12 months


One US Gallon Units / 3.79 Liter.

One five (5) lb. Strontium Ferrite Powder additive per kit

Spread Rates

Sealed floor surfaces, wood, concrete, cementitious underlayments, gypsum toppings, one coat 200 square feet per gallon

Walls Drywall, wood or Concrete: Apply two coats @ 225 to 250 Sq. Ft. per coat

Very porous or rough surfaces may require additional coats for best magnetic performance   


Kwikrez VC 300+ is only to be used on building interiors including floors, walls as well as other various vertical or horizontal surfaces. Beautiful, aesthetic, magnetic architectural finishes and building elements can be installed and easily exchanged by use of the magnetic adhesion provided by this high-tech primer system. Residential, commercial, and light manufacturing buildings provide many cost saving, long term opportunities for magnetically applied building elements by use of the Kwikrez VC 300+ primer system. This system can be applied in occupied buildings with virtually no disruption.

Suitable Substrates (vertical and horizontal)
  • Concrete
  • Cementitious underlayments, mortars and floor patching compounds
  • Gypsum based floor toppings
  • Drywall
  • Filled masonry, CMU
  • Wood
  • Plastic and fiberglass
  • Existing flooring (call for IFM Tech Services @ 877-277-9100 for any such installations)
Examining Substrates

It is important to examine all substrate surfaces for suitability of application. Existing adhesive systems should be mechanically removed, scraped clean, or skim coated with an appropriate floor skim coating / patching compound. All loose materials, spalling of concrete, peeling coatings, waxes, oil or grease residue and any other deleterious sealers or contaminates should be removed from any surface to be coated. Concrete floor substrates must be in compliance with ACI 201.2R-01 “Guide to Durable Concrete” Slabs should be structurally sound in compliance with current industry standards for mix designs and placement. Particular attention should be paid to red flags such as spalling or aggregate “pop-outs” which could be an indicator of ASR, Alkaline Silica Reaction. Contact IFM Tech Services if any red flags are present prior to any installation. Existing, failing floorcoverings or wall coatings are definite examples of red flags. When apparent defects or contamination is present, forensic testing of sample cores taken from the affected areas is strongly recommended. Verify that all substrate patching compounds for floors or taping compounds for walls are fully cured prior to application. *See the Kwikrez VC 300+ Limited Warranty for specific related limitations.

Substrate Moisture Content Testing

All concrete floor slabs should be tested for relative humidity and alkalinity levels. Moisture testing should follow ASTM F2170 In Situ RH probe method for measuring relative humidity in concrete floor slabs. RH levels should not exceed 85% RH. If levels do exceed 85% RH use Kwikrez 300+ Polyaspartic Magnetically Receptive Coating alternatively. Test for alkalinity levels using ASTM F710 test method utilizing a digital test meter. Levels of pH should not exceed 10. If pH levels exceed 10, use Kwikrez 300+ Polyaspartic Magnetically Receptive Coating.  *See the Kwikrez VC 300+ Limited Warranty for specific related limitations.

Ambient Conditions

Particular care should be taken to ensure the building envelope / ambient conditions are appropriate for the application of Kwikrez VC 300+. Ambient air temperatures should be between 55°F and 90°F or    12°C to 32°C. Dew point should exceed more than seven degrees from the air temperature measured in the application area. Ambient air humidity levels should be less than 85% RH. Levels over 55% RH will affect drying, recoat and final curing times. Verify the product has fully cured between any recoats or application of any magnetic finishes.

Material Handling and Storage

All Kwikrez VC 300+ materials should be inspected prior to installation. First, that all packaging is intact without breach or leakage. Once mixed, the product should be homogeneous black with a slight gritty appearance. If transport temperatures to the site are extreme, allow Kwikrez VC 300+ to acclimate to the ambient building envelope conditions for 24 hours prior to application. Do not store or stage materials in exceptionally hot or cold temperatures. Always protect this product from freezing.


Tools and Equipment

You can reference the Kwikrez VC 300+ installation instructions for the full list of specific tools and equipment. If roller applied use a 3/8” napped roller cover. It is important to have a variable speed mixing drill and a “Jiffy Mixer” attachment for properly blending the coating and the strontium ferrite powder additive. The Kwikrez VC 300+ Installation Manual can be found under downloads on the intelli-force magnetix™ website. Visit

Inspection and Recording Batch Code Information

All containers should be inspected for damage and products examined thoroughly prior to installation. Contact IFM Tech Services at 877-277-9100 with any questions relating to product integrity. Record all product batch codes found on the packaging and maintain for warranty compliance.

Surface Preparation

Concrete Floors: Slabs must comply with ACI 201.2R-01 “Guide to Durable Concrete” Surface profile should be between ICRI CSP 1 to CSP 3. Floors with excessive profile should be ground smooth using a mechanical diamond grinding method (always follow the current OSHA guidelines for equipment & PPE requirements). Normal preparation can be achieved by lightly sanding the substrate with a medium pad or screen to clean and lightly abrade or scuff the surface. Remove all existing adhesives, loose or de-bonded coatings, contamination of any type, oil or grease residue, efflorescence, floor wax, or any sealer that could potentially create a bonding issue for Kwikrez VC 300+. Residual adhesive residue can be sealed and made smooth by use of an appropriate cementitious skim coat or floor patching compound. When in question bond tests should be considered. Contact IFM Tech Services @ 877-277-9100 with questions relating to floor preparation. Patch all minor floor imperfections using an appropriate polymer modified cementitious floor patching compound. Floors with excessive profile, deviation or undulations can be smoothed into tolerance by use of a polymer modified cementitious self-leveling underlayment.

Cracks and Joints: Non-moving cracks less than ¼” in width, joints and saw cuts can be filled with a cementitious floor patching compound provided the slab is stable, fully cured, and has low moisture content (refer to substrate moisture testing requirements in the previous section).  A functioning sub-slab moisture barrier with a perm rating of less than .1 perm is required. If moisture permeance through cracks, joints and saw cuts is a potential, fill with a two component, moisture tolerant epoxy mixed with a thickening agent such as KOSTER TA. For questions regarding filling of cracks, joints and saw cuts, contact IFM Tech Services @ 877-277-9100.  

Dynamic or Moving Joints: Active, moving joints and dynamic cold joints should be honored through the entire flooring system. The void should be cleaned and then filled with a flexible sealant using a mechanical expansion joint cover over it. The Kwikrez VC 300+ is then applied with the finished flooring system properly fitted to the mechanical joint.

Drywall Wall Surfaces: New drywall should be prepared in the same manner as for any standard architectural wall paint primer. Joints should be properly taped, nail heads, screw holes and imperfections should be filled with a gypsum-based wall taping/patching compound and sanded smooth. Painted drywall surfaces should be de-glossed, properly patched and lightly sanded prior to application of Kwikrez VC 300+.

Wood Surfaces: Wood should be primed with an appropriate wood primer, allowed to cure and sanded smooth prior to application of Kwikrez VC 300+. Rough and porous surfaces will require additional coats to achieve the proper magnetic grip.

Masonry Surfaces: First, any protruding edges, joints, mortar, grouts, etc. should be mechanically ground smooth (always using proper PPE). All masonry surfaces or concrete block (CMU) should be filled with an appropriate acrylic masonry primer or block filler prior to application of the Kwikrez VC 300+ coating. Unfilled masonry or block will dramatically affect spread rates of the product and decrease the magnetic bond strength of the system.


Open the Kwikrez VC 300+ container and mix contents at a slow speed using a variable speed mixer until the product has a smooth homogenous and consistently black appearance. Mix for a minimum of two minutes. Next, while still mixing, slowly add the 5 lb. strontium ferrite additive container into the Kwikrez VC 300+ liquid. Mix for at least one additional minute. You are now ready to dispense the product into a roller pan, pail, or spray hopper/dispenser for application. Visit the intelli-force magnetix™ YouTube channel for a video demonstrating mixing and applying the Kwikrez VC 300+ product. There is a link found under the downloads section of the intelli-force magnetix™ website. Only mix and blend the amount of Kwikrez VC 300+ product you intend to use during each application. Fully blended materials have a greatly reduced shelf life.

Product Application

Kwikrez VC 300+ can be applied over various surface substrates. Carefully use and monitor the specified spread rates previously listed.

Roller Applied: Kwikrez VC 300+ is applied in the same manner as any architectural wall primer or single component floor coating. Using a 3/8” napped roller cover, apply the first coat evenly over the substrate surface. Back-roll to ensure consistency of coverage. Allow to dry a minimum of 60 minutes. Apply a second coat in the same manner and spread rate as the first coat. Allow to dry a minimum of 60 minutes prior to installation of magnetic flooring, wallcoverings or trim components. Test the adhesion of the magnetic building element being installed. If a higher degree of magnetic hold is required, apply an additional coat of the Kwikrez VC 300+ until the satisfactory bond strength is achieved. There is no recoat window of time involved. The product can be recoated at any time. Extremely porous surfaces may require additional coats

Spray Application: Thinning of the product with clean potable water is allowed and may be required depending upon the spray equipment utilized. Do not thin Kwikrez VC 300+ more than 10% using water only. Do not add any other manufacturer’s components or products to the Kwikrez VC 300+, this will void the Limited Warranty. Appropriate spray units include HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) handheld spray units or airless sprayers for larger volume applications. Use a spray tip aperture and pressure setting that allows a consistent, even flowing spray pattern. Always monitor the spread rate of application to the substrate. Use a two-coat application for best results. When spraying be sure to cross over spray patterns in each direction to ensure even coverage. Back rolling spray applications often ensures even coverage. For floors, a three-foot extension wand can be utilized for accuracy of application and

convenience. Always protect adjacent surfaces from product overspray. For walls, allow to fully cure before applying any architectural wall paint coating as a finish.

Safety, Cleanup and Disposal

Always use appropriate personal protection (PPE) designated by the installation at hand. Gloves, eye protection, dust masks or respirators for spray applications are strongly suggested. Always follow all current OHSA guidelines for methods and equipment. Kwikrez VC 300+ is easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. Always clean the coating from surfaces with inadvertent splashes, drips, overspray immediately. Do not allow product to dry on such surfaces. Dispose of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. 

Storage and Shelf Life

Store any unused, unblended materials in a dry, environmentally controlled area. Always protect the Kwikrez VC 300+ from freezing.

The shelf life for unblended Kwikrez VC 300+ is 12 months (one year) from date of manufacturing as contained within the batch code.


To find the nearest dealer, distributor or supplier of Kwikrez VC 300+, or request technical assistance visit the intelli-force magnetix™ website at, email or call toll free @ 877-277-9100.


Kwikrez VC 300+ carries a One Year Limited Warranty. For terms, conditions, exclusions and coverages visit the intelli-force magnetix™ website under the downloads.

Kwikrez VC 300+ PDS ver. 0819.1