Radiant HeatKote

Intelli-Force Magnetix 

  • A super conductive heat coating utilizing a proprietary graphene dispersion to make this coating a heat generator by electrically exciting graphene nano-platelets.
  • Apply the quick dry coating to vertical or horizontal surfaces the same as any standard paint coating. Connect to the building electrical system with the embedded connectors and walls, floors, or even furniture become heat radiators.
  • Uses minimal voltage and amperage to produce highly efficient heating levels, far below other electrical heating systems. The heat energy produced is found to be up to four times the wattage required to power the system.
  • For Solar applications, this system can be powered directly by solar arrays using DC power or converted to AC power.
  • Heat energy radiated is Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat. This wavelength of the infrared spectrum is proven to offer significant health benefits to people, animals & even agriculture.
  • Radiant HeatKote is green, efficient warming, comfortable and a healthy choice for any environment.

This conformable coating uses a patented dispersion of highly conductive graphene platelets. When energized, the coating produces Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) heat. FIR is known to provide significant health benefits. When applied to floors substrates, walls or vertical surfaces, even furniture components, you can heat your rooms evenly with a highly efficient radiant heat source. The coating can energized electrically using AC or DC service as well as directly from a solar panel array. This is the greenest way to heat a space or create a healthy, warming, micro- environment. The perfect solution for net zero building initiatives.