Kwikrez Colourz

Residential and commercial polyaspartic coating for walls and floors
Kwikrez Colourz is an option for one of the first steps in the magnetic flooring installation process. This is a magnetically receptive coating, in essence a metal surface for the magnet to attract to after it is installed. Kwikrez Colourz is an 2 part polyaspartic based primer which can be used on bare concrete, existing types of flooring, asbestos flooring, and others. Kwikrez Colourz will also withstand 98% RH, so in many cases a need for a moisture mitigation can be eliminated. Colourz is available in multiple colors, and can be utilized as a standalone, wear surface if you wanted to remove the finished flooring and repurpose the area. 

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Horizontal Flooring Applications
Please see TDS and Installation Instructions for additional information. Information subject to change.
– Concrete must be clean and sound, free of adhesives
– RH should be 98% or below tested with ASTM 2170
– pH must be 10 or below

1. Protect any surfaces you do not want the coating on.
2. Skim coat any imperfections and / or self level.
3. Shake well and open the Kwikrez Colourz A and B and open the can of Kwikrez Metallic Powder.
4. Using a paint mixing paddle at the same time, pour the part B into the part A and spin at a low speed to avoid air entrainment for 30 seconds.
5. Slowly start adding the Kwikrez Metallic Powder while continuing to mix.
6. Once all the powder is added, mix for an additional 2 minutes to achieve an even mix.
7. Pour out a ribbon onto the floor and squeegee out.
8. Prime your roller and backroll the coating smooth.
9. After coating is dry, 45 minutes to 1 hour, install your choice of magnetic flooring, or use the floor as is.


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