Acoustical Sound Plane Underlayment

Intelli-Force Magnetix 

  • The first US made magnetically receptive, sound attenuating underlayment.
  • Magnetically adheres to floors while providing sound reductionand insulative properties residential buildings require.
  • Optional factory applied Super Conductive Heat Coating that warms rooms with radiant heat

This is the first US made magnetically receptive, sound attenuating underlayment. This underlayment system comes in two versions. First, a magnetically receptive sound attenuating underlayment for use beneath virtually any magnetic flooring type. This highly versatile underlayment system will magnetically adhere floors while providing the sound reduction and insulative properties residential buildings require.  As an option this product becomes a radiant heat element used to warm rooms through the flooring system without the wires found in conventional heated flooring systems. Our intelli-force magnetix™ Super Conductive Heat Coating is applied to the underlayment. The result is a magnetically receptive, heat producing, sound attenuating and insulating underlayment. Another world’s first product of its class, introduced to you by intelli-force magnetix™.